High-Speed Internet

What would be a digital nomad without a fast internet connection?!

At Innovation Campus, we know the importance of a stable, reliable and rapid WIFI so we provide a fast 5G connection to our coworkers.

It is included in the services that we offer in our coworking space, no extra fees are charged!

The password will be provided with a welcome e-mail with all the details of your membership during your first day at the coworking.

If you are in Malaga at our space for a free day trial, instead, the password will be provided by our reception.

Stay connected!

coworking malaga facilities
Keep Calm and Take a Coffee!

Though day? Do you need a break?

At Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga we have a cafeteria area where you can have a break taking a coffee or tea while enjoying the natural light coming from the shining “calles” of Malaga.

You can rest on the sofa, chatting with other coworkers, having lunches and reading newspapers.

We provide you with:

  • fridge
  • coffee machine
  • fresh and hot water machine
  • soluble coffee and teas for free
  • throwing darts game
chill out room coworking malaga
Safe and Sound

Worried about leaving your precious business tools in a coworking space?

No need of worries at Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga!

We take care of you feeling comfortable and safe at our coworking space, therefore, we have installed a centralized security system. Our cameras are on 24h and an alarm will be activated from midnight on.

We also ensure that only authorized people can get access to the coworking space thanks to our fingerprint system. Only if your fingerprint has been registered by us and is in our databases then you can open the automatic door at the main entrance of our coworking.

Cool, isn’t it?

Dedicated Lockers

Take advantage of our lockers!

Do you like to work with all your comforts?

Don’t you want to carry every day all your stuff to the office?

Do you need more space of what a fixed desk at our coworking space can offer you?

Then you can rent one of our lockers! Located in our kitchen, we will provide you with the key and its use as long as your membership with us!

lockers innovation campus coworking
For Digital Nomads and not only!

Are you a Digital Nomad? Do you just like travelling and work remote?

We have thought about everything!

With a membership at Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga,  you are entitled to our Coworking Visa network!

You will be able to travel and work all around the world, getting access to other coworking spaces in different locations for free!

Don’t miss this opportunity out! Be a member of our coworking space in Malaga!

Develop your business life

At Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga, we want to keep your professional development up!

That’s why we organize courses and networking events, in order to let you grow in the Malaga business environment.

Our courses are focused on business and digital topics, we will offer you soon a wide range of options, online and offline.

Our events are also focused on business and on the Malaga business environment, organizing them with the purpose of offering you the opportunity for networking.

Check them out on our Events page!